Frequently asked questions

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How many management trainees are recruited each year?
It depends on the business needs. Historically, we recruit 40- 50 MT in various functions every year.
What are the benefits for me as an MT STAR?
Danone believes that you are special in your own unique talents. In MT STAR Program, you will be assigned in various meaningful projects and your creative ideas and initiatives will be highly welcomed. As a Danoner, you will have access to join various sports activities (Zumba, Body Combat, Yoga, Merpati Putih, etc.), free lunch at Danone Canteen, and Danone Clinic.
How long is the program? Is there any possibility that we fail the program?
The program aims to prepare you to be ready for managerial position in 3 years. In the 1st year, you will start as a trainee and will be reviewed every 4 months. In your review, it will be decided whether you pass the MT program or not. After you passed the first year, you will be appointed a permanent position.
What is the level when I enter my journey as an MT STAR in Danone?
You will begin in supervisor level. We expect you to be ready for the managerial level position in 3-4 years.
Can we choose our function to work at in Danone even if it’s not aligned with my educational background?
Yes you can! Share about your career aspirations (ex: which function that you prefer, etc.) in the application & interview session. We will match your aspiration with your background, skills, knowledge, and character based on our current business needs to decide which function you will be recruited in. Always remember; you are more than just your background!
I have joined MT STAR Recruitment previously and didn’t pass. May I apply again?
Yes, we are open and you may apply again.
Is there any minimum GPA to apply?
We believe what’s more important is the culture fit; hence your GPA and educational background are no longer our essential requirements.
I am still completing my thesis and going to graduate soon, may I apply?
Yes you may. But please be sure that you are ready to start your full-time job by January 2019.